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Riverton Crossing Series - Book 1

Riverton Crossing may bear his family’s name, but Mitchell Riverton hasn’t felt like part of this town since his first love left and took his heart with her.

Makayla Gregory didn’t just leave her small, southern hometown five years ago. She also left the love of her life.

Masterson Investments is looking to expand their illegal operations to the East Coast. When they threaten what’s important to Makayla, she returns to Riverton Crossing and into Mitchell Riverton’s arms. What happened during their time apart? Will the danger be too much to overcome? Can they survive the Unwelcomed Greeting she received?


Riverton Crossing Series - Book 2

Evan Riverton was an ATF agent sidelined from a case. Ever since his high school girlfriend betrayed him, he had steered clear of commitment and enjoyed sex with no romantic ties. Until, that is, he met a beautiful redhead.

Ginger Monroe was a freelance writer visiting a friend in town. She’d been burned by love but enjoyed the occasional fling. She was looking for an escape the day she drove onto Riverton Ranch. But then her green eyes met some blue ones.

Although Masterson Investments had been run out of town, it appeared the illicit company left behind some unfinished business. Or was there a new player in town? Riverton Crossing was in the crosshairs of intrigue once again, with a stalker, a dead body, counterfeit currency, and blackmail. This once sleepy southern town had turned into a haven for criminal activity.

Who was the stalker after, Evan or Ginger? Was the dead body a result of suicide or murder? Where was the counterfeit currency coming from? Who was blackmailing whom? Were they all related? These were the questions that needed to be answered, and Evan Riverton was just the man for the job.


Riverton Crossing Series - Book 3

Two couples, fighting for their happily ever after that won’t come without a suspenseful battle of love and protection as a stalker threatens to destroy every good outcome.

Mitchell Riverton and Makayla Gregory are living proof that a second chance is worth going the distance for, but as obstacles threaten their path of reconciliation, they will fight harder than ever to make their way to the altar.

Mitchell’s brother and Chief of Police, Evan Riverton, has been focused on his whirlwind romance with Ginger Monroe. Now, with a child on the way and a wedding of their own in the works, keeping Ginger safe will be anything but a simple task.

Can the Riverton brothers make it to the end of the aisle where their loves await, or will things turn from a happy occasion into an unwanted disaster?

Find out if Riverton Crossing can come away unscathed, yet again, when an Unexpected Guest shows up for the biggest social event the town has seen in years.


Riverton Crossing Series - Book 4

Nine years ago, she was just his little sister’s best friend. Nine years ago, he was her best friend’s older brother. Nine years ago, she was in high school. Nine years ago, he was away at college. Nine years ago, she was forbidden. Nine years ago, he was out of her league.

Today, she’s all grown up. Today, he’s angry she’s put herself in danger.

Catherine Livingston agreed to help the US Secret Service discover how counterfeit money was moving through Riverton Crossing. Her only condition? Keep Dr. Thomas Gregory out of harm’s way, even if it means losing him.

Dr. Thomas Gregory wasn’t happy when the love of his life voluntarily put herself in the path of dangerous people but agreed to the plan. His only condition? Keep her safe, even if it means losing his best friend.

Can she find the link the Secret Service needs to connect the dots before someone ends up in Thomas’s ER? And what lengths will Thomas go to keep her safe from some uninvited visitors?


Riverton Crossing Series - Book 5

Officer Nathan Cox lived by two simple rules: You don’t hurt women and you don’t mess with married ones.

A confirmed bachelor, he avoided complications at all costs. Until complications walked through the door in the form of Vanessa Harper. Beautiful, vulnerable…and married.

With her husband out on bail for attempting to murder her, Vanessa needed an ally that she could trust. Can she rely on Nathan or will he be like her husband? 

Sparks ignite and emotions run high with Nathan’s need to protect her, but will he walk away or break his cardinal rule?

Uncharted Territory | Savannah Maris Author

Riverton Crossing Series - Book 6

He gave her the kind of pleasure every woman dreams about…

But would he also bring her more pain? 

Carrie Williams left Riverton Crossing with hush money and a secret she vowed to take to her grave. Flirty and feisty, she made every man want to pray at her feet. When she met Sam Baxter, she thought she only needed a friend. But she found herself accepting his proposition.

A proposition that could ruin everything.  

With looks that made every woman consider making a deal with the devil, Deputy Sam Baxter never lacked a bedmate. But he had his own demons to battle, and a relationship wasn’t an option. Would never be an option.

Until the day Carrie Williams walked up to his table. 
As Riverton Crossing braces for a hurricane approaching the coast of South Carolina, truths are revealed and secrets shared. Can Sam protect Carrie, or will her secret cause him to leave? And can Carrie give Sam everything he wants, or are they better off going their separate ways? 

Every truth has a secret that needs to be told even if it means navigating uncharted territory.

Uncovered Secrets ebook copy.jpg

Riverton Crossing Series - Book 7

Will be released June 27th.

When tragedy strikes, how long does it take the heart to heal? For Ben Stevens, it has taken ten years and an understanding woman who has stood by him. 

Prosecuting the man responsible for Ben’s anguish brought him into Rachel’s life. To keep him there, she’s played by his two rules: no labels and no “L” word.

With Sheriff Cahill retiring, Ben assumes the position of Cloverville County Sheriff. Reconciling his past with his present has led Ben and Rachel to a minefield of unexpected connections. Armed with newly discovered information, will he be able to let go of his past, or will it put his future with Rachel in danger?

Crossroads of the Heart

Stand Alone Book - Crossroads of the Heart

Trust is hard won but easily lost. Doubt can easily creep in, but it’s hard to crush. And every heart comes to a crossroad.

Which path would you choose?

Noah Carmichael was a small-town country boy who became one of the top entertainment lawyers in Atlanta, while Tamryn’s small-town charm helped her become one of the most sought-after models in the world. High school sweethearts turned power couple, their careers had them jetting around the globe.

They had it all.

But they were rarely in the same country much less the same bedroom, and one shred of doubt led to another… and another…

Until leaving was the only choice that made sense.

Will their hearts choose the right path back to each other? Or push them further apart?

Toy Girl | Savannah Maris

Toy Girl - Stand Alone Book

Nothing good ever comes from a beach fling.

Except maybe your happily ever after. 

Jessica Compton had her life planned out. When she agreed to be her best friend’s sidekick on a trip to meet her online boyfriend, Jessica left her life plan at home for a week of fun. Ledgers, numbers and a corner office were supposed to make her a happy girl, not six feet of muscle, brown hair, blue eyes, and a New York accent.

Thorton Cresswell III knew how to have a good time. When his best friend asked him to be his wingman on a trip to meet his online girlfriend, Cress readily agreed. Notoriety, fortune, and success were supposed to make him happy, but a five-foot-six-inch blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty with a southern drawl had every cell in his body wanting something he never had before.

The night Jessica spent with Cress cost her more than her virtue, but was it the start of something more? Were they meant to be?

All the best love stories are filled with humor, love, and the magic of destiny…